Christmas Card Organization

It’s that time of year again, when it’s actually fun to check the mailbox because each day it’s filled with Christmas cards from friends and family!  But at the end of the month, after all the decorations have been taken down, what do you do with all those cards?  Today I thought I’d share with you a few ideas I found online, for Christmas card organization.

#1 Card binder

Sisters Stuff

This card binder is a quick and easy way to store each year’s Christmas cards. Fill up a page protector with all the cards and then store the binder along with your Christmas decorations.  It’s simple, organized and you don’t have to be crafty to do it!

#2 Cards on rings
eighteen 25

I love these cards, bound by book rings rings.  I think adding a cover page, with the year, is a great way to keep them organized.  They are also really cute and would look great set out on a table for family and guests to look through!

#3 Card book

 Lisa’s Craft Blog

I have to say this is my favorite.  I love that Lisa created a little book for each year of cards, and it’s so pretty.  You have to be at least a little crafty to do this project but I think it would be worth it!  I would be so excited to pull these out of the decoration box every year and I would love to set them out on the coffee table for guests to look at!

#4 Your family Christmas cards & letters

I know it’s exciting to save everyone else’s cute cards but don’t forget about yours!  A couple years ago my mother-in-law introduced me to one of their family traditions–a Christmas card and letter book. 

Each year I place our Christmas card, and letter, in one of the page protectors.  I love getting it out every year and seeing how much Malea has grown, and reading all our letters.  It’s amazing how much you forget in just a couple year’s time!

#5 Address organization

Delightful Order

Over at Delightful Order, DaNita has a great way to keep track of all the addresses used for Christmas cards each year!  Set up a spreadsheet and when the Christmas cards start rolling in make sure to check the addresses to make sure you have the most current address for all your friends and family!  Even if you’ve already tossed a few of the envelopes, it’s not too late to check the rest of the cards that roll in!

I hope these ideas will help inspire you to save and organize your Christmas cards this year.  It’s so fun being able to look back at the years past and see how much families have grown, changed, etc.  I only have last years cards, but it’s not too late to start a new tradition, we still have a lot of years ahead of us!

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