Zap Cloth Review & Giveaway!

Have you ever heard of a Zap Cloth?  I sure hadn’t until they contacted me and said that their product was the best way to get streak-free cleaning on windows, mirrors, etc.  They claimed that “all [my] glass, mirrors, floors, counters, furniture, stainless, chrome… anything non-porous would come out dust free and shiny clean with the Zap Cloth and water alone!”

Honestly it seemed too good to be true so I was up for the challenge.  Within a few days I had my very own Zap Cloth and was excited to try it out.  After removing the zezo-fiber microfiber cloth from the package I got it wet and wrung it out, per the instructions.  Then I started wiping down windows, mirrors, etc.  I was incredibly impressed with how quickly and easily I was able to remove dust, water stains, fingerprints, etc. from my windows and mirrors. 

Water spots on kitchen window before:

Cleaning the window with the wet Zap Cloth…

And after!  The clean window makes a perfect backdrop for my beautiful flowers!

I was even able to remove dog slobber from our sliding glass door, and there wasn’t a single streak left behind!  When I was done cleaning the sliding door, it was so clean that I almost walked through it!  I don’t think it’s been that clean in a long time!

Here are some details about the Zap Cloth, from their site:
“This microfiber cloth polishes as it cleans with just water!  The zero-fiber Zap Cloth saves you time and money and is environmentally friendly.  Machine wash with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in warm water. Rinse thoroughly.”

Here’s the hand mirror from my bathroom, covered in dust and hairspray:

Wiping it with the Zap Cloth…

And here’s the after!  It’s amazing how quickly and easily it can get THIS clean!

And now I have good news for you!  Zap Cloth is giving away 10 cloths to you!  There will be 5 winners and each winner will receive 2 cloths, one for you, and one to give away to a friend!!! 

The Zap Cloth is truly a revolutionary zero-fiber cleaning cloth and we want to get the word out about them!  If you asked me today, “what is the easiest way to get streak-free windows,” I would say, “you need a Zap Cloth!”

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 Didn’t win? Don’t worry! At Zapcloth, during the month of December if you buy 5 cloths for $20, you get one free! Plus free shipping!! 

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  1. Cindy Bechinski says:

    OMG…anything that will make my life easier cleaning windows and mirrors is for me!!!

  2. Oh My Gosh I am so excited about this. My friend told me about this product this summer, however she cou;dn’t remember the name of it. I will be ordering it Dec 1 !!!!!! and hopefully I will also win. I look forward to your great ideas all the time. I have been enjouing your emails for about a year. My husband buys the regular micofiber towels all the time. Really we have a huge black garbage bag of them. I can not wait for him to try these. Think of the money I will save and all the chemicals he can quit buying. Thanks again Anna Hanks

    • First of all, I love your name. 😉 Secondly yeah, if your hubby likes the regular microfiber cloths then he will LOVE these!!! I think the sale has already started (it was mis-typed the first time) so go ahead and order now. I’m thinking stocking stuffer for your husband. :)

  3. I sure would like to win this to clean windows and mirrors. Please pick me.

  4. Therese Haas says:

    Just courios… You don’t mention if they are washable. Or if not, about how many uses can you get out of one? Are they a one time use and that is why you get 5 for 20?

  5. Renee Ault says:

    I really could use these all over the house…got lots of window and a sliding door in the dinning room…bathroom…kitchen…always need help making tough jobs easier!

  6. I had read your post about cleaning bathroom sliding doors. I love my doors and have had them about a year. My cleaning tip comes from my niece Kelly in New York. She said she uses Mr Clean Magic Erasers for everything, but I have tried to stick to natural cleaning items like vinegar and baking soda. I had a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser under my kitchen sink for over a year and just now broke open the box. It is amazing to see the difference this has made. Looks like new. I should have taken before and after pictures. After doing the cleaning part I took the vinegar and newspapers to clean and shine them. Not sure why but my mother always told me there is something in the newspaper print that makes the windows clean and shiny. My problem is solved. This new product Zap cloth is something I might be interested in. How does it work on shower doors?

    • To be honest I don’t have glass shower doors but I will say that everything I’ve used it on has given me sparkly, streak-free results! I’ve been VERY impressed with the Zap Cloth! :)

  7. This looks great. I would love to try these out. I’ve never heard of them, thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Minta Caine says:

    I think the Zap Cloths look awesome 1) because they only use water & 2), they are bigger than most microfiber cloths I see out there. I absolutely love how there’s no lint, either. The Zap Clths are like the window & mirror versions of Magic Erasers…add water & watch magic happen!.

  9. I was looking for a site to help with keeping stainless steel appl. steak free., I’m so happy i came across yours!! I just ordered zap cloths. I have a question…says bon ami ,wax paper etc for s/steel. Yet with the zap cloth(have never heard of these till this pm) you don’t need anything but zap cloth & water?? Do i still use the bon ami technique? Thank You so much!!