Thanksgiving Party Games

It’s Turkey Day! But not turkey time. You’ll have to wait. And the stuffing and rolls you smell, not done either.  The pumpkin pie? Don’t even think about it.  The hardest part of Thanksgiving is waiting for dinner!  Here are some fun Thanksgiving party games to distract you from the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen.  Consider buying some small party favors or whipping up a batch of decorated Thanksgiving cookies to hand out to the game winners as prizes.

Bobbing for Marshmallows
Remember back in the old days, we would stick our faces in a tub of water and try to chomp an apple?  Today, many parents are not so keen on the idea of 100 faces, with billions of germs, being involved in a game.  Enter the marshmallow.  Fill a tub with ice water and drop in a bunch of full-size marshmallows.  Cut several drinking straws in half and give one to each player. The object here is to pick up the marshmallows using only the straw to remove them from the tub.  Use a timer or watch to time the game for a minute.  Whoever gets the most, wins.  But don’t fill up on sugar before hitting the turkey.

Pumpkin Pass
If you have some mini pumpkins, put them to use.  Go outside and form players into two teams. Have them stand in single file. The first person in line has to place the mini pumpkin under his chin and hold it there. The goal is to pass the pumpkin from player to player, down the line, without using hands. The pumpkin must be held by the chin. This can get interesting when there are players of different heights and ages, so it’s a great one for families.

Are You Ready for Some Football?
You can sit inside and watch the game, but why not go outside and burn some calories?  Football is a great game because it can be geared towards any age, and mixed groups can play together.  Flag or touch football is great for children and adults, and it will keep you warm on the cold November day while you’re waiting for your feast.  If you are not a bunch of football fans, try volleyball, relay races, tag, kickball, or another yard game.

Too Cold to Play?
If it is cold, rainy, or snowy, you can find great indoor games to play as well.  There are countless sites online that offer free printable games for Thanksgiving (like the ones shown in the photo) and coloring pages. You can just give kids these pages and let them go, or you can arrange teams or contests.  For word searches, puzzles, coloring pages, crosswords, and more, try these sites:

• (under the free games section)

What Are You Thankful For?
Another activity could be simply listing what each guest is thankful for.  Give each a sheet of paper; it could be plain or printed Thanksgiving stationary.  Then allow them a few minutes to list as many things as they can think of or what to share. After, you can go around the table and mention one or two things for which you are more thankful. It’s good to remember what Thanksgiving is all about!

This Thanksgiving, be thankful that no one is bored! Try these party games and have a great holiday.

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  1. FYI, I went the website for Free Printables for Thanksgiving Games, there are NONE! I then searched the site and browsed as well. I could not find anything free? Do you think the site you recommended has changed their policy? Thank You.