Mini Laundry Room Makeover {DIY Wayfair Challenge}

You may remember my laundry room makeover from last year, which turned out great, but there were a few things that were still bothering me.  For example…

It was driving me nuts that I only had 3 baskets on top, when clearly I had room for four.  What was I thinking?  Why did I only buy 3???

Another thing that was driving me nut-zo was how dark everything looked with all the baskets.  I love the baskets on the top but I started thinking the ones on the bottom were a little too much.  I also didn’t like having my bleach and my tool organizer sitting out, I think it looks messy. 

The last thing that was driving me a little crazy, was the bare window.  I just needed something, it was too plain.

So when Wayfair contacted me and asked me if I wanted to be a part of their DIY challenge I quickly said “YES!”.  I was given three items to select from, and I chose the simple, white pendant light, for my DIY project.  I thought the pendant light would look great in my laundry room, and I knew it would give me the extra motivation I needed to finish my project.

 When I received the pendant light I loved how clean and simple it was.

Not wanting to change it too much, I purchased some “diamond” studded ribbon at JoAnn’s, to give it a little extra sparkle.  Using a hot glue gun I glued the ribbon all around the base of the light.

Laundry Room Makeover -- Ask Anna-2

When I was done with the light I had my husband remove the ugly light that was originally in the laundry room. I was SO GLAD to see it go, it was U-G-L-Y!!!

I made a few other tweaks in the laundry room and here’s what it looks like now:

I love the labels on the baskets above the cupboards, and I think the room looks so much brighter now that the shelf above the washer/dryer has been cleaned off!

Oh, and don’t forget about the window! A friend of mine helped me make these faux Roman shades for the window and I love them!

I also bought a new rug, from, for the floor. This one is much warmer and I think it fits the room better than the plain white one I used to have.

Of course the star of the laundry room in my new Wayfair light!  I think the silver detail around the edge and the ceiling medallion give it just the right touch.

Now my laundry room is organized AND cute!  I’m always amazed at the difference a little “tweaking” can make!

What do you think about the transformation?  I didn’t do much but I think it made a big difference in how clean and organized my laundry room looks!
Disclosure: I was given the choice of a Wayfair product to use in my home to complete this challenge as well as a gift card from to purchase supplies toward this project.  You can follow Wayfair on Pinterest and Facebook to see more of their products.
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  1. Love it. It’s the simple things that make all the difference, yah? Going to repin this. Someday maybe Ill have a laundry room and this will definitely be my inspiration.  I’d  love to have you link this us to Titus 2 Tuesday this week on Cornerstone Confessions.. I hope to see you there. 


  2. I love how your shade turned out.

  3. I don’t know if it was intentional but I believe ‘surpluss’ is misspelled on your basket. Though I love the room!

  4. Kelly in Oregon says:

    So much better! It’s so interesting how it really didn’t look BAD before, but the little tweaks made a HUGE difference.

  5. WOW! It looks great Anna – I love the detail on your pendant light!

  6. Anna, I really love it! What did you use for letters on your baskets? I have a small laundry closet that I would LOVE to repaint and install cabinets on (I hate seeing my laundry detergent out on a shelf). Great job!

    • Thank Kaitlyn! I cut the words out with my Silhouette and then mod podged them onto the baskets. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon. :)

  7. Love your laundry, I wanted to put a cabinet on top of my machines like yours, but my husband says it would be hard to reach things inside. Do you have that problem??? Thanks!!!!

    • Nope! I have a step stool just to the right of the washer. I store so much stuff in the cabinets and baskets, I don’t know what I’d do without them! :)

  8. It looks great! I love those baskets! I couldn’t help but notice that you spelled surplus “surpluss”. Was that intential? Like a plural of surplus?

  9. Absolutely stunning!! My laundry room is in the garage so there is no nice touches out there. I especially love the baskets and roman shade. It is a true inspiration!!

  10. Tell us about the “faux” roman shade… instructions?
    Looks great!!

    • Oh man, that’s a funny story… I was actually planning on doing a tutorial but we ended up jimmy-rigging them so much that I decided it would just be embarrassing! I found a tutorial on Pinterest though if you search for faux roman shades. :)

  11. Your changs look great! My only suggestion? You misspelled Surplus. It’s one “s.” Sorry. I’m an English major. That kind of stuff drives me batty! (LOL – get it? Batty…halloween…((chuckle)))

  12. Hi Anna,
    Love the room! Quick question how did you label the baskets? Was it vinyl or paint with a stencil?

  13. I love it!! I like the look of four baskets opposed to just three….and of course I love pendant lights, so yours looks fabulous! Great job!!!

  14. OH, how great it looks!!! I love the way the simple changes made so much difference!! I need a makeover in mine, too, so I am inspired to take a longer look at what I might do in there!!

  15. Ashleigh says:

    Oh my goodness! Anna, you are amazing! I have already spent an hour on your website jotting down points, re pinning etc etc quick question, how did you put the labels on the black baskets in your laundry?