How to Organize Shoes

Recently I decided to makeover my entryway {again}.  One of my main frustrations with the old way it was decorated, was our shoe storage issue.  I have a “no shoes in the house” rule so all of our shoes are stored near the front door.  The last time I decorated I did a good job at hiding all the shoes but I felt like there were shoes everywhere!  Just look at all the places we had shoes!

It’s a little bit ridiculous isn’t it!  To make it worse, that wasn’t even all of them!  This is where Matt and Malea stored all of their shoes but mine were in the coat closet {totally NOT how I want to use the space}.  I finally said enough is enough, I need change!  When I was creating a design board for my entryway I came across the STALL shoe organizer from IKEA.  The website said it held a minimum of 18 pairs of shoes which is just what we needed! 


I thought it fit my design plan perfectly because it was white, clean and simple.

I’m not ready to reveal my whole entryway yet but I do want to show you how organized all of our shoes because I’m just so excited about it!  IKEA has a few different types of shoe organizing cabinets and I think they are by far the best way to organize shoes!  Just look at how neat and organized our shoes are now! 

Matt and I each have our own “drawer” and then Malea and I share the bottom drawer.  I love that each drawer has a dividing shelf in it to create extra space.  Even my high heals fit! 

I love these drawers because they pull up and down really easily.  Even Malea can open and close them with ease.  Her shoes are so little that we are able to fit all of her shoes on one level and I still have room to store baby wipes for those days that she has really dirty feet!

Now that all of our shoes are stored in this one cabinet I am able to breath a little easier!  No more searching through 3 baskets to find a pair of shoes!  Now we know exactly where our shoes are, at all times!

How do you organize your shoes?  Have you ever thought about getting a shoe organizing cabinet to organize them?

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  1. Stuff and Nonsense says:

    i’ve had my eye
    on those storage pieces from Ikea
    for some time now

    with 6 of us storing shoes
    i think i would need to have
    3 of them

    and then
    i still have to figure out
    what the heck to do
    with 6 pairs of winter boots!


    • I have been on the hunt for boot storage and I just found that The Container Store has really nice boot storage boxes that are stackable!

  2. Very nice! Love Ikea! The Japanese have some clever means of organizing and storing shoes. You should google it! I have two Japanese sister in laws, and of course, it is shoes off when you go in their homes, which I don’t mind since I walk around shoeless most of the time at home! They all have neat storage for shoes when you go to their homes for this very reason!

  3. I love this Ikea shoe cabinet. There are 5 in my family and we don’t wear shoes in the house, so I’m always struggling to find a way to organize all the shoes. Here’s my current system using repurposed items including a wine rack:

  4. I am so getting one of these in my next house. So much neater. I am just about to go and clean out my entryway of all the shoes lying around.

  5. We’ve pretty much discounted these cabinets, which is a pity because they do seem to do the job pretty well and take up so little space. but my husband has UK size 11 feet and his shoes are too big for most cabinets, plus he wears boots to work, so we would still have a lot of additional footwear to store. With growing boys we have an ‘evolving’ system of baskets on an open sideboard/buffet shelves and hubby’s things go under the bottom shelf. it doesn’t look so pretty but our hallway is small and we don’t look face-on to the shelves so it doesn’t matter so much.

  6. Um, yeah I need a cabinet like this. We have shoes EVERYWHERE!

  7. I keep every pair of shoes I own at the front door and I’m always shoving them in baskets or containers to hide as many of them as possible but I still have shoes strewn all over the place. I had no idea these units stored as many shoes as that! Awesome

  8. Do you have the paintcolor you used in the entryway? I love it!

  9. This is definitely a good idea if you want to have all your shoes in the same place and you don’t have a lot of room.