How to Write a Blog Post about Tips & Tricks

Today I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to write a blog post about “tips & tricks”!  The first thing you need to do, when writing a tips and tricks post, is decide what your topic will be.  For my example today I’m going to use a post I have already written, How to Remove Spilled Wax.

The tutorial:

People like pictures, and for people like me, pictures make a tutorial so much easier because you can see exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.  Here are the pictures you’ll want to include in your post along with your tutorial:

#1  The example.  What will you be teaching

“Today I am going to show you how to remove spilled wax”

#2  Next you will want to show them what supplies they will need for this tip/project.

“Removing spilled wax is actually much easier than you might think!  All you will need is an hot iron and a paper towel.”

#3  Then show them what to do.

“To remove the wax off the floor place the paper towel over the wax.  Make sure the iron is hot, and then use it to “iron” the paper towel.  Move the iron back and forth slowly over the paper towel.  This movement will melt the wax on the floor, allowing it to absorb into the paper towel.”

#4  If you can, it’s good to show them a picture of what theirs should look like.

#5  The finished product/example.

“Once all the wax has been absorbed into the paper towel, use a clean paper towel or cloth to wipe any remaining residue off the floor.  Voila!  Your floors are good as new!”

Pin-able images:

In this day and age of Pinterest it is so important to have pinable images in your tips & tricks posts.  I always try to have an image with the title of my tutorial at the top of the post.  This will catch a readers attention and invite them to pin the tutorial for future reference.

The other thing I sometimes do is add a collage at the end of a tutorial.  I think sometimes Pinterest “surfers” see the title of a tutorial and think “oh man I’m sure that’s hard to do.”  However if a collage of your tutorial is pinned then readers will see how easy it is to do.  Here’s a collage I made for this tutorial.

When I read “how to remove spilled wax” I think it sounds like a lot of work, but when I look at the collage I see that it’s actually really easy!  And I see that it “works on all types of flooring” so I definitely want to repin this for future use!

Make it easy to understand:

It’s important to keep in mind that your readers don’t know what you’re about to tell them.  It’s safe to assume that they know nothing about what you’re going to teach them.  Therefore you want to make the instructions of your tutorial super simple and easy to understand.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I struggle with this.  If I have written a tutorial, and I think it might be hard to understand, I ask my husband to read it.  He’s a super smart guy but he clueless when it comes to what I write about.  If he thinks the post makes sense then I leave it as is, if he thinks it’s too complicated then I go back and add more steps or change my wording.  We have to remember that just because something makes sense to us, doesn’t mean it will make sense to everyone else.

I hope this post will get you excited about writing your own “tips & tricks” posts!  Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you’re teaching someone else how to do something because they want to learn what you know!  I think you’ll be amazed at how excited people are to learn your tips and tricks, I know I always am! {smile}

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  1. Anna – great tips from the queen of tips & tricks! Perfect for those writers block days!

  2. Hi Anna,
    Great tips on how to write about tips! Seriously, I’m trying to think about a post I could write. Thanks so much!

  3. Awesome tips Anna…do you find at all that having the collage pinnable image might keep people from clicking over?

    • I don’t think so because the instructions are usually really helpful to have and I don’t put those on the collages {usually}.

  4. Hi, Anna, great ideas here and love the colllage trick. Very nice to meet you too, I’m just now finding your blog. Lovely!

  5. Hi Anna! I have been following your blog for quite some time now and always look forward to your posts. I so appreciate/admire your inspirations and your wisdom but most of all the positive energy that you communicate. I wonder if I could ask what you use to make your photo collages? Take Care, Thea

  6. Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing!