Mad Men Birthday Party

I am so excited to finally share all the picture from my Mad Men birthday party with you!  I hope you’re ready to look at lots and lots of pictures!  Let’s start with the basics.  When you’re planning a Mad Men themed party there are certain things you will need…

#1: Great Invitations  When it comes to needing amazing invitations there’s only one person to go to and that’s my friend Tracie of Tiny Oak Studio.  Check out these fantastic invitations she made for me!

Mad Men Invitations

#2: Great props  In every Mad Men picture you see online the characters are sitting around a desk with drinks in their hands.  My party was in our backyard so I set up an “office” for the photo booth along with a few different seating areas with food, and of course a smoking lounge.  What’s a Mad Men party without people smoking?  Of course there are people like me that don’t smoke so I also purchased a huge pack of candy cigarettes.  If you grew up in the 50/60’s you might recognize them.

I also printed out some 1960’s advertisements to set the scene.  I loved this Disneyland ad… and of course more candy cigarettes!

Then I got real “fancy” and purchased some cigars for the men and cloves for the girls that really do like to smoke.  Both were a huge hit and really made the night.

Do you like my candy cigarette prop with the ashes from our fire pit? :)

#3: Great drinks  The next thing a Mad Men party needs is great drinks!  I did my research and found a few really yummy drinks form the Mad Men time period, among my favorites were the French 75 and the Old Fashioned.  I also hired a bartender {for the first time ever} that was awesome and mixed the drinks perfectly all night long.

#4: Pictures  Last but not least there must be lots and lots of pictures!  There’s no point in throwing a great party if you don’t take lots of fun pictures to remember the night!!!

Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party Mad Men Birthday Party

These next pictures are awesome but I want to make sure and point out that my pregnant friend was not drinking or smoking.  She did a great job playing the roll of a woman that was pregnant in the 60’s but she was definitley sipping on sparkling water and puffing on candy cigarettes all night!

Mad Men Birthday Party

I love my friends!  They are fabulous!!!

Mad Men Birthday Party

I asked my friend Melissa to make my cake {so that I didn’t have to make my own} and she went above and beyond!  She researched what the popular cake was back in the 50/60s and ended up making me a mouth watering, most delicious cake ever lemon chiffon cake.  It was to die for and it looked incredible too!!!

Mad Men Birthday Party

Mad Men Birthday Party

Mad Men Birthday Party

Mad Men Birthday Party

As you can see from the pictures it was a super fun party!  Thank you to all my fabulous friends for showing up and making it a great night!

Mad Men Birthday Party - Ask Anna

Here are a couple websites that I used to get ideas from: Cocktail Guide and How to Have a Mad Men Party.

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  1. very fun & hip! great photos!

  2. Heather says:

    You do know how to throw a great party! Love it!

  3. Bethany Skinner says:

    Looks like so much fun!!!!!!!! Great pictures Anna! Wish i was there. :)

  4. Anne Marie says:

    What fun – Anna you look adorable. I remember candy cigarette from way back when – I am surprised they even make them anymore!

  5. What a blast this looked like! You seriously know how to throw a party!! I bet your friends were loving it~

    • Thank you. It was a super fun party, I wish I could afford to throw parties like this more than once a year! :)


  6. Brandi Hudec says:

    Anna!!! Such a fun party!! You always throw good ones, and thank you for pointing out that I was not smoking and drinking while prego. 😉 Love you friend!!

    • Thanks! And of course, I had to add the “disclosure” because I didn’t want to get a bunch of angry comments. :)


  7. Anna,

    I love this… have such a group of amazing friends! Don Draper eat your heart out!
    :) me

  8. Rachel @ Ongoing Planner says:

    Looks like an absolutely fabulous party! Great theme and everyone seems like they had a blast!

    • Thank you Rachel! It was a lot of fun, I already have requests coming in for next years theme. :)


  9. Ali Michelle says:

    Nathan cracks me up in these pics!!!

    It looked like so much fun!! Everyone looked so great! :)

  10. The invite is divine! You did such an amazing job with everything and how great did everyone look? So great I bet it was hard to come back to the present. Speaking of presents, I hope you got plenty – I consider finding your blog a sweet little gift on this “Inspiring’ Friday.

  11. I love this, i am a huge Mad Men fan and this looks like such fun! Great idea!

  12. Rocio Griley says:

    Hi Anna,
    I love your invites and would like to purchase some. Who do I contact?