How to Open a Jar

Do you hate it when you can’t get a jar open?  It makes me crazy which is why today I’m giving you a quick and easy trick for how to open a jar.

I’ve tried all the tricks for opening a stuck jar–hitting it with a knife, running it under cold water, etc., and none works as well as this simple solution.

So what’s the answer?

Yep, my blue rubber dish gloves. 

These bad boys can open anything: jars, water bottles with lids my husband put on too tight, dried paint jugs, anything. Honestly, I haven’t found something they can’t open.

If you already have a pair, then start getting them out whenever you can’t get something open. If you don’t own a pair of these gloves, you can pick up one for a couple dollars the next time you are at the store.

I hope you enjoyed this simple solution for today; now every time you open a jar you can think of me.

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"Hi I'm Anna! Welcome to Ask Anna where I love to answer your household questions! I have always loved to clean, organize and decorate and this blog is a fun way for me to help you love it too! I am a busy mom of a beautiful little girl and I'm married to the love of my life. Together we fill our days with projects , laughter and love. I serve an incredible God and overall I'd say I'm truly blessed!"

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  1. Great tip Anna! I’m thinking I could use them outside on the hose nozzle too since my hubby always attaches it so tightly. Wonder what my neighbors will think seeing me out there getting ready to water plants with my rubber dish gloves on! LOL!

  2. do they have to be blue? 😉

  3. Wao! It really works!! I just tried it on a honey jar!! I have been battling for hours before I found your rubber gloves!!!