Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Transformations {2 Years in the Making}

My kitchen has been through so many changes in the last 2 years.  When I look at pictures of it “way back when” I can hardly believe it’s the same kitchen! In this post I will give you some of my many kitchen makeover ideas and reveal all the transformations my kitchen has been through!
Here’s a picture of our kitchen the day we moved into our house.  White linoleum floors, old orange wood cabinets, beige walls; a perfect “blank” slate for me.
Four months–to the day–after we moved in we had “the flood” and got new, beautiful hardwood floors.  They totally didn’t match our cabinets at the time but I knew they wouldn’t be orange forever so we went with the dark hardwood.
Shortly after we got the new floors I painted the kitchen.  I thought a nice light olive color would look good in the kitchen with the dark hardwood and the orange cabinets.  {Little did I know, it would not last long}.
And then last April we painted our cabinets white and changed all the cabinet pulls.  I loved the fresh, clean white color of the “new” cabinets.
Shortly after painting them white I decided that the olive green color wasn’t working for me.  It just didn’t feel right.  So I painted the kitchen aloe green (Valspar’s Belle Grove Aloe Green) and I took the doors off the cabinets on either side of the sink.  I loved how much this brightened up the kitchen.
But I still hated the countertops.  Now that the walls were aloe green the tan countertops just weren’t cutting it.
So we painted them black.  For the first time I felt like the kitchen was complete.  Almost complete that is…  I still needed a back splash and I’d had my eye on this post from the Liz Marie Blog.
So a couple weeks ago my husband was nice enough to take a day off and give me a belated Christmas present of “handyman for the day”.  I asked him to install a wainscoting back splash in the kitchen and together we finished the project {I painted and caulked}.  I love love love the way it turned out!  My kitchen is finally complete! {Other than still needing some accessories}

I love how crisp and white it is!  It looks so clean!!

I can’t believe the difference it makes!  The kitchen is so much brighter and feels so fresh & clean!  I love it!  We moved in May 29, 2010, so after almost 2 years, and many transformations later, my kitchen is done, and I love it.
Here’s a breakdown of all the projects we’ve done over the last {almost} two years:
1. Install new flooring
2. New appliances {fridge, microwave and dishwasher}
3. Paint walls {twice}
4. Install pendant light over kitchen sink
5. Paint cabinets inside & out
6. Replace hardware on all doors & drawers
7. Remove cabinet doors {fill in holes & repaint inside of cabinets}
8. Paint countertops
9. Install wainscoting
Just look at the difference from where it started and where it is today!
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  1. Looks great- well worth the wait!

  2. Sarah @ 20 State says:

    I can’t believe it’s the same kitchen. It’s so fresh and lovely. I love the mix of hardwood and white. What a huge job but so worth it. Is cooking more enjoyable now :)

  3. What did you use to paint your countertops? They look wonderful!

  4. I would love to paint the counters of my rental unit (I own it and rent it out). What did you use? Any chipping? Thanks.

  5. Just found your blog via A Bowl full of Lemons. Love you kitchen and I am getting ready to update mine in much the same way. White cabinets, new hardware, wainscoting. I am thinking of painting my counter tops as well. How have yours held up for you? I am leery of trying this and am trying to talk myself into doing this. I would love some feed back on this from you or your viewers.

    • I have loved my countertops! They have held up pretty well. I say pretty well because I have accidentally scratched them a couple times but luckily I had enough paint left over to touch them up. The colors in the kit are lovely though and I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive solution! :)

  6. You certainly did some great changes in here. I have to say, the use of white colors brightened up the room and now your kitchen is more clean-looking! Thank you for sharing this post. This will surely inspire several homeowners. By the way, your floors are incredible, too.

  7. We are in the process of kitchen redo! Back splash, countertops, and sink are still on the to do list! I really do like the darker countertops with the beadboard!

  8. Sherry Baldwin says:

    Love what you have done! I have a list for my 20 year old kitchen that looks just like your list. I know that other than the floors and ceiling, we can do it all! Thanks for sharing and I will remember the pictures so I can show the different looks before and after!

  9. Cindy Irvin says:

    How did you paint your countertops black?