How to Clean Silver

For Malea’s princess tea party I borrowed my mother-in-laws silver.  It used to be my husband’s grandma’s so it’s beautiful, antique and it was very very tarnished.  I wasn’t planning on polishing it but then my mom told me a super easy trick that takes no time at all!
Here’s what you need:
A large pot or a large sink
Baking Soda
Hot water
Tarnished Silver
Line a pot, or in my case the kitchen sink, with foil.  Pour about 1 cup of baking soda into the bottom of the sink and then it fill with very hot water.
Once you’ve added the water place the silver in the sink.  My mom told me to let it sit in the baking soda water for 30 minutes, but right away I noticed the tarnish leaving the silver.
This would be fun to do with older kids because you can actually watch the tarnish coming off the silver, it’s pretty cool.
Next I cleaned a large serving platter that I inherited from my husband’s grandma.  I changed the foil and baking soda in between the tea pots and the platter because the foil was covered in tarnish and needed to be switched out.  This is a bit of a smelly task, it reminds me of the smell of sulfur, not my favorite.
Look at the transformation!
In less than 30 minutes {and with no scrubbing} the silver went from dingy and tarnished to shiny and gorgeous!
Beautiful, just beautiful!
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  1. Elizabeth Dilts says:

    Thanks for the tip! It worked wonders on all of my Silver Bells for Christmas!

  2. I will have to give this a try on the silver coffee service we received as a wedding present 34 years ago. How often do you have to do it?

  3. I started doing this years ago on my silver jewellry. Important to use the foil shiny side up. I used boiling water though. Didnt know I could save even more time with hot tap water. Thanks for that tip!

    • I was very excited when I saw this. For I have a Silver Serving Tray which my Mom bought back in 1975. It was still all wrapped up and still in the box. Went to open it and saw it had sooooo much tarnish on it. I did want you said and most of it came off … not all. Am going to try this process again … hoping that the next time I do it, all of it comes off! Thank you.

  4. After YEARS of cleaning silver, and it NEVER got completely clean, I am going to try this.

  5. I have tried this before…even going so far as to boil the water to make it hot. It did not work. Is there a problem with a stainless steel sink??? I wondered if somehow that affected the chemical reaction???

    • Oh, that’s a good question. I’m sure that’s the problem because I’ve done this countless times and it always works. Maybe do it in your bathroom sinks or bathtub. :) And yes, the hotter the water the faster it gets cleaned!