Guest Bathroom Makeover, the Reveal!

Today I’m excited to reveal my spare bathroom makeover!  It’s been a whirlwind makeover but I’m in love with the way it turned out!
Do you remember this post?  My bathroom was sad and had no identity.  It was filled with things from our previous home and, until now, it was the only untouched room in the house.  But not anymore!
{Before pictures}

Here is the mood board that I created using the inspirations I found at Apartment Guide and Moving Today.

Today it looks like this!

 Because I felt like this room needed more texture I asked my husband to make me this awesome bench with scrap wood that we had laying around.  Then I removed two of the cabinet doors, replaced them with baskets and made labels for each of the baskets with my Silhouette.

Some of the baskets contain smaller baskets to keep the items inside organized, like this one that contains all the travel toiletries that we’ve collected.
Under the sink is now organized and free of clutter.  I bought these baskets at Target in the dollar bins, they were 2 for $1!  Now that it’s clutter-free I also store our extra toilet paper here because I buy TP at Costco and it doesn’t all fit in the basket.
I decided to get a little crazy and paint some stripes on the walls.  I knew that I wanted to paint the bathroom blue-ish gray but I decided that painting the whole room that color would be too much, which meant stripes were the perfect answer!
Using this article at Moving Today as inspiration I decided to shop for accessories at our local Goodwill Store.  I found these small wooden crates and glass bottles for less than $10!!!
The crates were an ugly wood color so using stain I already had I was able to transform them to match my color scheme perfectly!
I also love the look of silver so I decided to use these silver pieces as accessories to hold Q-tips and cotton balls.  I think it gives the room such a romantic feel.
I also found this frame at the Goodwill Store for less than $5.  When I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!  I painted it white and then used my Silhouette to print out this quote from The Help.  I read this to my daughter every day.
Remember this boring corner?  This used to be the view when you were sitting on the toilet– boring!
I had my husband cut me these 2x4s and, after a quick coat of stain, they make the perfect shelves to display these cute pictures of my daughter.  I think this corner might actually be my favorite part of the bathroom now. :)
I am so happy with the way the bathroom turned out! The bathroom is finally organized {only took me 2 years} and I have more storage then I did before!  I also love the romantic feel that the colors and textures give the bathroom.  The only problem is that now I want to move into this bathroom and give Malea our bathroom! :)
I want to thank Apartment Guide for giving me the tools and tips to {finally} get this bathroom organized and decorated!  If you’re looking for more organizing tips for your home Apartment Guide has tips and articles about organizing in any sized home on Moving Today and the Apartment Guide blog.


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  1. Beautiful! Great Job! I love that quote from The Help and it’s a great thing to tell your daughter daily. :-) You have a great blog, may I link?

  2. Rich Wertz says:

    Hi! What an awesome bathroom! How did you hang those 2x4s?

  3. What did you use to hang 2×4 shelves.

    • We used “L” brackets that we purchased at Lowes. We hung them from the top of the shelf and then I covered the brackets up with the picture frames. :)

  4. Kimberly says:

    Hi! What is Silhouette? Wondering where I can get that quote from the help. Thanks!