Publishers Clearing House Party

Did you even know that Publisher’s Clearing House still existed?  I didn’t until recently!  My best friend is a PCH addict though and I recently found out that she still fills out the forms and mails them in!
So when it came time to plan her 30th birthday party, her husband and I decided to go for a Publishers Clearing House Party!  We thought it would be fun to have everyone come in their best “surprised” look.
I emailed Tracie, of For Your Invitation, and she created these great invitations for us.
We also had her design an extra large check that we had blown up and mounted for the party.
She new that there was going to be a party, but she didn’t know what the theme was, or what time it was.  So she was very surprised when my husband and her husband showed up at her house with balloons, roses and a giant check to take her the party!   {I think she was a little disappointed that it wasn’t the realPrize Patrol.} Here are some of the pictures from the party, they are just too good not to share!  All of these pictures were taken by my great friend, and photographer, Bethany Skinner.

These are our best friends Billy and Heather.  You can see that Heather was enjoying her party. :)

This is our pastor and his wife.  Yes, those are baby dolls tied around her legs.  They have four kids so she always has a kid hanging on her. :)  My favorite is the “spanking spoon” in her hand!

We all enjoyed a few rounds of Minute to Win Itgames.

It was a fun party!  You know me, I love to plan, and throw, great parties!!!


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  1. Hahahahaha :)

    Ed McMahon would be proud.

    I am totally pinning this. And then I am hosting one…..
    …..and serving hot dog pot pie :)

    Have an awesome day my wonderful friend!

    • I can’t wait to see the pictures!! One of these days I’ll have to get that recipe for hot dog pot pie. :)

      Anna :)

  2. What a fun idea– I love this!