How to Remove Spilled Wax

I am excited about this tip today because when you spill something like wax on wood floors it seems like a hopeless cause.  But today I’m going to show you a really simple tip for getting wax off of wood flooring.

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Paper towel

*Hot iron

Step 1:  Place the paper towel over the wax spill on the floor.
Step 2:  Press the hot iron down on the paper towel.  Move the iron back and forth, as if you were ironing out a wrinkle.  Do this for about 10-15 seconds, depending on how thick the wax is.
Step 3:  When you see the wax absorbing into the paper towel set the iron aside and wipe the wax off the floor with the paper towel.
Easy peasy!!!  Within seconds your floor is back to looking brand new!  This simple trick can also be used on carpet, table tops, etc.  My husband even used this trick to get wax off one of my sweaters!
So next time one of your candles spills over don’t stress about it because the wax will come up in no time!
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  1. Carolyn Cruz says:

    I spilled baking soda all over my hardwood floors and foolishly used a wet swiffer mop to clean it up. Now my floors are dry and dusty with white residue from the baking soda. Should I treat the floor with Murphy’s oil soap? BTW – baking soda works wonders for getting the musty smell out of vintage fur.



    • You should be able to get all the extra baking soda residue up with a damp cloth and a little soapy water. You’ll have to get down on your hands and knees but it shouldn’t require too much scrubbing. :)

  2. Hi I have spilled wax on my microfiber couch. Do you have any advice on getting it off?

  3. I have wax on my linoleum floor. I tried your idea but it did not work. Do you have any other suggestions?

    • Have you tried carefully scraping it up with a razor blade? That’s how I used to get rid of wax until I learned this trick from my husband. :)