How to fake a Clean House

One of my best friends is in town this week so today I have an extra special treat for you.  My great blogging friend Becky has written up a fabulous post about how to fake a clean house.  I know you all loved my post on how to {fake} a clean bathroom so I knew you’d love Becky’s post!
Hi, I’m Becky from Organizing Made Fun! Anna asked me to fill in for her today, so thanks for having me!
I love a clean house, but I don’t like to clean, I must admit it. I also don’t spend a lot of time keeping it clean. I did a 9 part series about a year and a half ago on “How to {fake} an immaculate house” which is the way I prefer to have a clean, organized and clutter free home!

 An obvious way to keep your house clean and organized is simply to clean as you go.
When you pull out all your ingredients to cook, put them away once the casserole is in the oven.  Wash the dishes while you wait for it to finish.
When you start a project, put away something once it’s used.  Maybe you’re in the middle of bathing a kid {or two} in the bath tub.  Take that time, while they are playing in the tub to wipe down things in the bathroom and organize little areas {5-10 minutes} while keeping an eye on your kiddos.  
The idea is that you don’t waste time standing around waiting for something, but that you pick up as you go.  You pick up when you’re done with something. Isn’t that easy? It’s one way you can {fake} having an immaculate home!
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