Day #5: Organizing Your Closet

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us had closets that looked like this?
If you do this post is not for you.  If you don’t, then you are probably like the rest of us that have small, unorganized closets.  I actually live in an older home {build in ’65} so I don’t even have a walk in closet!
I’m going to talk about two different types of closets today: the Master Bedroom closet and the kids closets.  I get asked all the time about how to organize closets so today we are tackling all of them.  {Notice this is posted on a Friday to give you all weekend to finish this task…}
Closet #1: Your closet
Step 1–Organize the shelves:  If you open up your closet and the shelf is a mess then your entire closet will look messy.  So purchase some baskets and organize the clutter.  The Dollar Tree sells clear shoe boxes but I love green so I purchased these stackable green bins from Target.
Take everything off the shelves and categorize it {just like you did in your refrigerator}.  Once all items have been grouped together, put them in the baskets.
Unless you are using clear baskets, label each one so that you know what items are in which baskets.  Use a label maker, print your own labels or use chalkboard labels, chose whatever is your favorite.  I found these cute chalkboard labels on Etsy.
Step 2– Keep or Donate: First I want you to go through all of your clothing items.  I’m sure there are lots of things in your closet that you don’t even know are in there.  Go through each item of clothing and make a “keep” pile and a “donate” pile.  The rule is “if you haven’t worn it in the last year, donate it.”  If you can’t completely part with an item, and you think you might want to wear it again, then give it to a friend so you can borrow it, but if you haven’t worn it in a year then you can’t keep it!
Step 3– Hang up Clothes:  One of the tricks I use to keep my closet looking organized is to use all the same color hangers.  Personally I like white hangers so that’s what I used, but there are lots of colors and styles out there.  Choose whatever fits your style and hang up all your clothes with that one color.  Hangers are inexpensive and can usually be purchased at a Dollar Tree, or other discount stores.
 Step 4– Color Coordinate: Color coordinating clothes is a simple way to make clothes look more organized.  It also makes it very easy to always find what you are looking for!  Here is how I coordinate my clothes: I started with red, to pink, to purple, to blue, to green, to yellow, to brown, to tan, to white, and then it ends with black.  Coordinating clothes by color will make them look organized and you’ll always know where things are!
Step 5– Categorize Clothing: This is an optional step but it’s one that I like to use.  I have my clothes hung in three categories.  Dresses/skirts, sweat shirts and everything else.  Each category of clothing is color coordinated but they are hung in different parts of my closet.  Dresses/skirts on the left, sweat shirts and everything else on the right.  It’s just one more way to find what I’m looking for easy peasy!
Closet #2: Kid’s closets
Kid’s closets should be organized using the same techniques as above.  However there are lots of other things to consider in a kid’s closet: clothes in future sizes, toys, shared closets, etc.  Because we have an only child I don’t have a lot of advise on shared closet space but I’m going to address the first two and then show you some pictures of good ideas for shared spaces.
Step #1– Organizing future sizes: Make or purchase dividers for each of the “future” sizes for your kids.  This makes it easier to find items in their closet as they start to grow.   This also allows you to purchase clothes on clearance and keep them organized until it’s time for them to wear them!  Here are the dividers I made for my daughter.
Step 2– Toys:  Storing toys can quickly become a burden but it doesn’t have to be!  Bookshelves, baskets and toy racks are great way to store toys.  In my daughter’s closet I placed a toy rack under her clothes so that at the end of the day her toys can be organized, put away and then hidden behind the closet doors.


Here are a few other great ideas that I found on Pinterest.
Shared Closets
Here are some great ideas for what to do if your children share a closet.
Source: IHeart Organizing
Pinterest via
Have fun organizing your closets!  I know this is a big task but it is going to be so worth it when you are finished!  I can’t wait to see the pictures of your transformations!!!
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