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I am so excited to introduce you to the NeatDesk today!
A few years ago, while I was pregnant with Malea, my husband and I went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  The course forever changed the way we look at our money and how we budget.  Since taking the course we have been very diligent and very organized with our finances.  However when I started my blog, early last year, I didn’t have a system in place for saving receipts and tracking income and expenses, etc.  So basically I ended up with this:
Yep, a huge, unorganized pile of receipts.  I know, it’s terrible!  My husband has been asking me to get it organized but I just haven’t had the time or motivation.   Enter the NeatDesk.
I’m not joking, I think I squealed when this was delivered to my house!!!  This is my idea of a dream machine!  What is it you ask?
NeatDesk® is a high speed desktop scanner and digital filing system solution that quickly turns stacks of paper into organized digital files.
I opened the box right away!  I was so excited to start scanning my receipts and get them organized.  I put a movie on for my daughter, pulled out my stack of receipts and began scanning.
Let me tell you, the NeatDesk is so cool and so easy to use.  After installing the software in your computer all you have to do is create a folder in the NeatDesk program and then start running your receipts through the machine.

After running a receipt through the scanner it pulls it up on your computer screen and automatically enters all of the information into the program.  Yeah, so cool!!!

So thanks to the NeatDesk I have now completed my New Year’s Resolution to organize all of my Ask Anna receipts and expenses!  Woo-hoo!!!  And my information is super organized and ready to go to our accountant!  {This makes my hubby very happy!}  No more receipt clutter for me!  My NeatDesk has found it’s new home on my desk, where I can save my receipts and easily scan them in to my computer once a week.

The NeatDesk is not just for organizing receipts, here are some of the other super cool things you can do with it:
Use Neat to:

· Manage finances by creating budget reports, saving receipts for tax returns, and exporting files directly to TurboTax.
· Archive important documents such as: medical documents, insurance forms, travel plans and confirmations, along with other important documents.
· Scan business cards and sync contacts with Outlook, Plaxo, or Mac Address Book.
· Create a keyword searchable digital recipe box.
· Document important memories such as children’s artwork, writing, and report cards.
· Create a digital inspiration book from magazine clippings

I really wish I could give each and every one of you a NeatDesk but for now, I think you’ll just have to ask Santa for one!


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  1. I heard the one downfallof the neat desk is that you cannot adjust for various widths of paper being scanned. Also, what is the document length limitation?

    • The one I have scans different widths of paper, up to a standard sheet (8.5″). I’m not sure about the length limitation but I’ve had some really long receipts and I’ve never had a problem with it. I love it! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Timberlake says:

    I have a neat desk question. My dad is a plumber. It takes him forever to do invoices. His receipts/purchase orders have materials for multiple jobs. Would it be possible to use the line items ever, or do just the totals, tax, name have a field to go to? We looked at one this past weekend, but it seemed like even though it syncs with QuickBooks, it just creates expense reports and wouldn’t help him.

    • I’m not really sure because my stuff is so much easier but I’d be happy to email my contact at NeatDesk and ask her. Can you send me your email address so I can ask her and then have her contact you directly?

  3. Hi Anna,

    My receipt pile looks similar to the one you have above. I tend to forget to place them in checkbook thus our account balance gets off. With this system of scanning them, can you print out a receipt if you need to return something to a store? I wonder if I didn’t have to think of what to do with parapet clutter, getting frazzled over it would be more of peace of mind?
    I love you blog… jodie

  4. Hi Anna,
    I just ordered the Neatdesk scanner from HSN & I saw a pin leading to your site from Pinterest. Are you still using the neatdesk scanner? I wondered if you are able to save your scans to dropbox or googledrive.
    I had a computer crash a few weeks ago & had to do a system recovery back to factory state. I was wondering if you can upload your scans to a cloud also.
    Do you have any tips for adding pdf files that are already on your computer? Also, can the software be placed on two different computers? Thanks, Rhoda S

    • Hi Rhoda! Yes I do still use my NeatDesk, it saves me every tax season. 🙂 Unfortunately I’m not sure that I can be of much help to you though because I’ve never tried to do any of the things you’re asking. I know that you can export the reports to save them on the computer desktop so I’m sure you could save them to Dropbox or Cloud too, I’ve just never tried it.

  5. Lillian Chapman says:

    Thank – you for the write up on the Neatdesk. I have already put it on my Christmas list on the fridge. Now I ve got my fingers crossed that Santa seemy list and thinks I ve been good.