Christmas Decorating Ideas {Pinterest inspired}

I’ve had the song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” stuck in my head but the more I look around I’m starting to think “it’s beginning to look a lot like Pinterest!”  This year {thanks to Pinterest} my home is full of new decorations and crafts.  There are so many Christmas projects I’d still love to do but I’m pretty sure I’m running out of time.  
Here are 10 Christmas decorating ideas I’m currently working on, or have just completed.  I hope you love them as much as I do!
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
Here’s my interpretation.
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
My front porch.  Not nearly as fancy but I still love the hanging ornaments and the Christmas tree out front!
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
I love the sparkle that these waterless snow globes add to my kitchen window.  The morning sun hits the glitter beautifully. :)
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
I love paper chains so of course I had to make on of these!  Malea loves tearing a link off each day, especially as we get closer to Christmas.
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
I saw this tree skirt and had to make one!  I used an old fitted sheet so the center would gather around the tree easily and I bought the fabric on clearance so the whole project was about $10!  I love it!!!
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
This pin inspired me to customize each of my gifts this year.  I put my own spin on it and I seriously think I’ll never be able to go back to wrapping gift the same ol’ way. 
 I especially love all the feathers.  They are left over from all the headpieces I made for my party this summer!
 So many great ideas!  I need this because I can never get any ideas out of my hubby!
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
I can’t comment on this one until after Christmas but let me tell you there are a lot of great ideas on this pin!
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
Gift tags are next on my list so I’ll post a picture once I finish mine.  I love these photograph gift tags, such a great way to personalize a gift!
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
I love this pin.  Okay, you know how there are always kids out selling mistletoe this time of year?  Well I haven’t see one, not one!!!  What the heck!?  Now that I finally have something beautiful to make with it I can’t find it anywhere!  I am on the hunt so if you see any, let me know!  I am determined to make these beautiful centerpieces this year.
It’s our tradition to make cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning.  I thought this would be a fun twist {no pun intended} for our Christmas morning treat!
Source via Ask Anna on Pinterest
Can’t wait to eat it!  I’ll make sure and post a picture when I make mine. :)  Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!
Are you making anything Pinterest inspired this Christmas?  I would love to hear about your Pinterest-inspired decorations!
  Click here to see more the rest of my Christmas pictures on Facebook!  I’ll be adding some of our Gingerbread houses later today.



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