Gift Idea: Photo Clipboard

I saw a similar photo clipboard to this on Pinterest and just had to make some for Malea’s grandmas!  I knew they would love them and I knew it would be a fun project that Malea and I could do together.
First I had Matt cut me a few boards from the scrap wood we have left over from building Malea’s bed.  Then Malea and I stained them with some left over stain I had from other projects.  And yes she really did help me.  I put some gloves on her and then helped her dip the rag in the stain and then she wiped it on the wood.  It was pretty cute but I don’t have any pictures because I was too afraid to walk away from her with a rag full of wood stain!
While the stain was drying we got to work decorating clothes pins, which are the picture holders.  We used scrapbook paper, beads, thumb tacks, ribbon and whatever else I could find in my craft drawer.  I cut out all the paper and then Malea painted the Mod Podge on for me.  For being two she really is pretty helpful.
We decorated nine clothes pins for each board.  On both sides of the family there are only three grand kids so it worked out nicely that each kid got three pictures.
Once the stain was dry it was time to stencil {this was before I got my Silhouette}.  I stenciled the words “Grand Kids” but then I bought sparkly letters for the words “Make Life Grand”. 
I thought the sparkly letters would make it more fun, and every grandma needs a little sparkle! :)  Before gluing the letters on I laid them out on each board to make sure they were laid out the way I wanted them.
I let Malea pick out what color letters she wanted for each of her grandmas.  She insisted on the green letters for my mom but since they didn’t come in the smaller size I had to make them work.  I actually really like the way they ended up being laid out, I think it gives it character and it’s a little silly, just like my mom, Malea’s Meema.
 Here are the three that we made.  I love each of them and I love that they are all so different.
I think this one ended up being my favorite but I’m a little bias because green is my favorite color so I’m always drawn to it. :)
Total cost for making all three of these boards was: $15.59
Boards: free
Wood stain: free
Clothes pin: $1 {you get 36 for $1 at the Dollar Tree}
Stencils: $4
Paint: $1
Scrapbook paper: $0.59
Sparkly letters: $9
This project was so fun, it was super affordable and I know each of her grandmas will love them!!!  This would also make a great gift for teachers, friends, etc., just change the wording and add pictures!
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  1. Hi Anna, I love this! I was just wondering if you remembered approx. what size boards you used.

  2. How did you attach the cloth pins

    • I think I did it with hot glue but if I were to make one now I would do it with wood glue. It would be the best seal since it’s wood on wood. :)