Yellow & Gray Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

My good friend Meghan put together this amazing bridal shower for another friend of ours.  It was so beautiful that I asked her if I could share all of her themed bridal shower ideas with all of you.  Lucky for me {and you} she said yes!

What is so great about all of these pictures is that every decoration you see is handmade.  She spent hours creating each flower, each banner and every single little detail.
Oh and did I mention that her house is also amazing!?  It was perfect for this themed shower.
I love these flowers!
And how cute is this?
Painted, gray canvas made beautiful by sewing paper and fabric into a flower.
Gorgeous backdrop!
Delicious Sangria. 
Every corner of the house was decorated, it was fabulous!
There was even a table where guests could create their own fabric flowers.
Malea thought it would be more fun to dump out the buttons instead of making a flower. :)
Beautiful flowers scattered around the house.
I love this fabric flower bouquet!
Overall the party was a total success. :)
Didn’t she do a fabulous job?  I honestly had no idea that she was so crafty but now that I know we will definitely be throwing some parties together!!!
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  1. Yellow & Gray seem to be all the rage right now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute! She did a wonderful job! =D

  3. wow she went all out! Great job Meghan! Love all the crafty things you did!!!!! :)

  4. wow what a great job :) Sue

  5. Picture perfect – am really loving the yellow and gray combo. She did a fabulous job the flowers she made – love the silk flowers with the singed edges!

  6. Meghan…been driving by your house every day after dropping the kids off at school…miss my west side neighborhood…sorta…and seeing your cute front porch…now I know what the decorations were for! small world to find out on a blog I follow…

  7. What a lovely shower! I love the idea of making your own flowers as an activity.

  8. Great colours, great ideas, great party! Thanks for sharing.Best wishes,Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  9. Wow!! Those fabric flowers are gorgeous!!! Great party and great ideas!thanks for sharing!ShannonSweet Stella's

  10. Oh, I love these colors. Everything looks so amazing. WHat a beautiful shower.

  11. Thanks for sharing this lovely party with us, Anna!