How to Keep Soda from Going Flat

I’m not a soda drinker but where I live, in Northern California, the summer evenings are very warm.  Many nights, after we put Malea to bed, my husband and I love to sip on a refreshing, cold mojito or gin & tonic.  When you’re craving a cool refreshment there’s nothing more annoying then flat soda or tonic water.
Recently we learned a very cool trick that I have to share with you!  This simple tip will keep your bottle of soda fizzy and carbonated for weeks, yes, I said weeks!  Wondering how this is possible, well I don’t know how it works but all you have to do is get your shake on. :)
  • After pouring yourself a nice cold glass of soda replace the cap tightly.
  • Next shake the bottle for a good 10 seconds.  Don’t do this if you plan on having another glass in a few minutes, only when you are done with it for the day.
  • Place it back in the refrigerator.
  • Next time you get the bottle out open the cap slowly and carefully to release the fiz.
  • Repeat this process every time you use the bottle until it is gone.
My husband and I buy the large bottles of tonic and soda water because it is so much cheaper and since we only use it a few times a week this trick helps it to last for weeks!  It’s pretty amazing.
Enjoy sipping on your fully fizzy soda!
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  1. I have to say, it’s quite strange. Every time when you open the bottle, CO2 leaks out. If you DO shake it after closing, you’re forcing the CO2 to become unstable/agitated and build up pressure. However, every time you open it up again, that CO2 will be released. This only gives a false sense of “freshness”, because of the hiss you hear when you open it (which is the pressure buildup from the leftover CO2.

    My suggestion would be not to buy sodas in large bottles if you’re not planning on drinking them right away. Instead, buy cans. It’s just the right amount for a drink or too, and the aluminum keeps the CO2 in place better than plastic.. Also, it’s environment friendly!

  2. Julianne O'Neil says:

    It is so aggravating to enjoy a great Gin & Tonic one day, only to find the tonic has gone flat the next day. I will give this a try. And if it doesn’t work, then thankfully tonic water isn’t that expensive. 😐. Cheers! 🍸