How to Clean a Fiberglass Shower Stall

I get asked all the time “how do you clean a fiberglass shower stall”? It’s a great question because so many of us have fiberglass showers in our homes!
Here’s what you need:
  • Spray bottle filled with white vinegar
  • Sponge
  • Baking Soda
Step 1: Clear the shower of shampoos, conditioners, soap, etc.
Step 2: Spray the entire shower, including faucets, with white vinegar.  {You should probably turn on the exhaust fan so that your house doesn’t start stinking like vinegar!}
Step 3: Let set for 10 minutes.  Check back to make sure it’s not drying out, if necessary spray more vinegar.
Step 4: When 10 minutes has expired sprinkle baking soda onto the sponge and scrub the walls with it.  Continue sprinkling the sponge as you move from wall to wall.
Step 5: After the shower has been scrubbed from top to bottom, rinse with the shower head.
To prevent water stain build up on any type of shower I recommend using a squeegee to wipe the walls down after each use, especially if the shower has glass doors!  You will be amazed at how using a squeegee keeps the shower looking cleaner longer. If you’re having trouble with soap scum make sure to check out this post for getting rid of it.
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  1. Betty Jo Gard says:

    I saw an article on getting a sparkling clean toilet – – was interrupted and now can’t find it again! I think it used baking soda and either peroxide or vinegar and can’t remember if you turned of the valve and flushed to empty the bowl of water. Please help!

  2. I like to use rain x on my glass shower doors to keep them looking cleaner longer.

  3. I bought a second hand shower stall. The people that had it new never peeled the plastic off and it got baked in from hot water. How can i get this off? Help…

    • Yikes! I’ve never heard of that! I think the best thing to do would be to contact the manufacture, I don’t want to recommend something that might end up doing more damage. Sorry. :(

  4. I use rainnx as well on my doors and walls. but i use boat cleaner wax on my walls once a year. it repels the water and resists soap scum build up.

  5. Grace Brophy says:

    I had my bathtub done many years ago. Last week I purchased a suction mat at suggestion of PT specialist. When I removed it a few days later, there were rust stains where the cups had been. The mat was new. I have used everything: comet, soft scrub, clorox directly on area over paper towels so the clorox would remain on stair. Nothing helps. Any advice, please.

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Grace! This Anna’s assistant, Bethany. Anna has written a post about removing rust stains from a tub in this post She uses a few things you haven’t tried yet, and you likely have both on hand! Hope this helps!