How to Clean your Hair Dryer

Does your hair dryer look like this?
Seriously gross right?  This is one thing that I’m SO bad about cleaning.  I am always in a hurry when I’m getting ready (that’s just how life is with a 2 year old) so when I’m blow drying my hair, cleaning the blow dryer is not on my mind.  That is why it looks so gross!
Here’s my tip: Dryer lint.
Dyer lint is great for a task like this one because lint sticks to lint.  Here’s what to do:
1. Acquire some lint from the dryer.
2. Run the lint along the vents of the hair dryer.  It will pull the hair and lint right up.
3. For tough to reach spots use a toothpick, with the lint wrapped around it.
4. Once you have pulled all the lint out wipe the vents clean with a damp cloth.
Voila!  Nice and clean!
I would recommend cleaning your hair dryer ever 6 months, but truthfully I only remember to do it about once a year (I’m terrible!).
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  1. This is a great tip! I never clean mine out either because I can't seem to get it clean enough, but this trick will really help! Thanks!

  2. OMG! This is GREAT! I'm going to wash a load right now so I can gather link from the dryer. :O)

  3. What an excellent idea!! I'm horrible at it too. I've even had my blow dryer's motor burn out because it couldn't get enough air.

  4. Hi Anna! I am so enjoying your tips every week and this one was no exception. :-) Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!Vanessa

  5. It appears I am following Vanessa around today! 😉 Great tip Anna. We've shared it on our facebook page!Heather

  6. What a great tip! I love your blog – it's so helpful! I'm a new follower :)

  7. I use an old toothbrush. That works great too!

  8. I use an old toothbrush too. It's quick and easy and it gives your old toothbrush a 2nd life.

  9. What a great tip. I saw this over at Stuff and Nonsense and I had to take a peak! Thanks for sharing. Now my hairdryer might actually get cleaned!

  10. wow thank you so much for the tip that is awesome. I am so doing this tomorrow :) I found this project through TT&J linky party! Thank you for sharing. Come say hi! I love new followers.A mommy's life…with a touch of

  11. My husband is so picky about this. He always tries to clean my hair dryer when it gets full of lint. He uses a tweezers and that seems to work pretty well too. It's amazing how much faster you can dry your hair once you clean it out!

  12. I'm scared to look at mine. Isn't it one of those areas that you try to igore? Great tip on getting all that gunk out of there! Thanks for linking up Anna…. you've got a really cute site.

  13. I've always used a damp q-tip and that seems to work pretty well. I try to avoid the laundry room as much as possible. 😉

  14. I just running my vacuum over it when I clean my bathroom. Just the same, your post is a great reminder since hairdryers can overheat so easily when the fuzz gets too much. Now, check out the exhaust fan in your bathroom. Love your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my goodness, this is a great tip! I just found your blog by visiting the Anti-Procrastination Party. I love good tipsters.

  16. Anna I am going to be featuring this post on my Organizing Link party on Monday June 13th. Stop by and pick up your button "I'm proud to be featured on Organizing Mission Monday". You can find it on the top tab of my blog. Thanks!

  17. Have you ever considered taking your small hose attachment from you Dyson to it? Works GREAT!!!

  18. Wow! your hair dryer is filthy LOL. I clean mine using and old clean toothbrush to get into the the little crevices.

  19. Does this also work on free standing table fans?

  20. Before I started a search, looking for lint buildup somewhere,, I just took a q-tip and tried it.. It grabbed the lint off the dryer just fine.. awesome!!