Entryway Makeover & Stripes!

I was on vacation last week and was amazing–and much needed (pictures to come).  But now that we are back I have so much to do to get our yard ready for summer and to prepare for my 30th birthday party!!!  It’s going to be projects galore for the next couple of weeks!  Here are pictures from a project I took on right before we left.  I hope you enjoy them.
It’s been a LONG time since I posted that I wanted to an entryway makeover.  Well I finally did it!  Because I’m crazy I decided to paint it the weekend before we left on our big trip, which was also 3 days before family was in town.  I couldn’t help myself, I got the bug and wanted to paint it.  It was a lot to take on right before leaving but I’m so glad it’s done, it looks awesome!
Here’s a picture of what it looked like 3 months ago:
Back in February I went to TJ Maxx and bought these baskets.  I felt like I was wasting space having the picture frames on the entry table so I bought the baskets to store Malea’s shoes.
I love the texture that the baskets add to the room.
Here’s the entire entryway before.  (Notice the “old” kitchen in the background).
Here’s the inspiration picture I got from Tracie from Tale of Many Cities.  I love the dark stripes.
Matt hates to paint but he was nice enough to tape all the stripes off for me.  He did a great job!
The first layer, white.  I’ve never painted stripes before.  I knew how to do it but it was a lot of work to tape, paint, re-tape, and then paint again.
After I was done I couldn’t wait to see the results so I pulled a little piece of the tape off. :)  If you want to learn how to paint a perfect line, like this one, click here.
Here’s the first “after” picture.  I also spray painted my candlesticks a lighter color so that they wouldn’t fade into the dark background.
Then I spray painted my key holder so that it would “pop” off the wall.  I love the new bright silver color.
After painting I decided that I really needed to add some lighting in the entryway, since it’s pretty small with a low ceiling, so I headed to TJ Maxx for some more shopping. :)
I love my new lamp.  Now I think I want to spray paint the mirror solid gold but it’s going to have to wait a little longer.
The shelf on the wall to the left was left over from when we moved, it used to be in Malea’s room.  I had Matt hang it for me and then I added the hooks underneath for purses, etc.  I also bought some fabric to recover the small ottoman but I probably won’t get to it for another week or so.

I also spray painted this frame silver.  I think now it “pops” way more then it used to.

Here are some more before and afters:
I love my new entryway, what do you think?  It’s not the red that I had originally thought I’d paint it but I’m really happy with the new design.
We recently made over our entryway again with board and batten! To see what it looks like now click HERE.
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