How to Prevent Jeans from Fading

I personally LOVE jeans.  I currently have 11 pairs of jeans (there are a couple missing from the picture), I collect jeans instead of shoes. I guess you could say I’m a jean-aholic.

A problem I know many of us have though is how do we keep our dark jeans dark?  So today I’m going to give you a simple tip for how to prevent jeans from fading.  Are you ready for it?  It’s a tricky one…
Soak your new dark jeans in white vinegar and water.  Yep, that’s it!  The mixture of vinegar and water will set the color and prevent your jeans from fading so quickly.
Here are a few other tricks that I’ve also used in the past:
1.    Wash dark jeans inside out
2.    Wash them in cold water.
Using all these tips will keep your dark jeans dark and save you some money!


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  1. New follower from Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! Hope you can stop by and return the follow :)Cristi

  2. Anna you can also add about a tablespoon of white vinager to a load of laundry that has your dark jeans or like red t shirts it keeps the color and keeps red from bleeding onto other colors. My mom use to do that when we were kids.

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  4. Great post! My jean skirts always seem to fade, but then I found somewhere that if you put a cup of salt {for large loads} in then clothes won't fade or bleed. It's works great! {I love tie-dyed shirts that salt is always a lifesaver with those! lol}-Many Smiles!

  5. My MIL does that. Cold water, inside out, line dry. Her pants last FOREVER!

  6. Would the vinegar trick work for black khaki's? I'd really like to keep mine from fading. If not, do you have any other tricks or tips for those?Thanks!

  7. Won't your clothes smell vinegarish?

  8. I'm now following you via the Tuesday Time Out blog hop:) I'm a jean-wearing-type-girl….love my jeans. And yes, they fade! So I will try these tips, for sure. The vinegar one scares me a bit…I don't want to stink! Any tips for getting the vinegar smell out once you do that?

    • White vinegar in moderation, will not leave a smell because of the ratio of vinegar to water. I use white vinegar as softener in my washer for many reasons. Its removes residual soap, it helps with static cling and it keeps my hoses and pipes free of GUNK BUILD-UP. I also run an empty load with just white vinegar ( in soap cup) to clean my tub. I do this about 3 times a year. I absolutely LOVE white vinegar……………………

  9. Great tip, thanks! I've used vinegar in my rinse cycle and the clothes don't smell like vinegar after they are dry.

  10. That is great! I never would have thought. Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell

  11. I love all your practical advice!! Thank you for linking to my K.I.S.S. blog bash this past week. I so appreciate you taking the time to share your useful tips. Today is another blog bash, if you haven't already, please drop by & share more of your great ideas!Drop By The Tattered Tag

  12. I have a long laundry room. The wall across from the washer and dryerI hung two long coat racks…they are kinda stylish…black about three foot long with silver decorative hooks. I hung a very nice picture grouping over these…but the racks I use to hang jeans on after they come out of the washer or anything else I don't want to shrink. My husband also has one behind the back door to hang his caps. I also took one and cut in half to hang pot holders in the kitchen. Got them at walmart. You can also paint them to match anything. I use them in the bathrooms for towel racks as well.

  13. PEGGY FISHER says:

    Hi, Great tip with the vinegar = but how much? I, too, am a jean aholic….but I think I beat you by about 30 pairs :) Not to worry, I am also a shoe/boot/sneakers aholic and I love blankets, sheets, towels…but not cupcake wrappers…so I am NOT a hoarder. :) Thanks again. I’m going to read some more cleaning tips.

    • Hey Peggy,

      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. I am helping her out by answering some of the comments. I know that Anna is not big on measuring out things 😉 Sorry I could not be more help!

  14. Linda Jardee says:

    I love jeans too! I have about 8 pair. I have said the same thing to people–where some women have shoe addictions, mine are jeans. Can I wash my new jeans inside out with 1/2 cup vinegar & laundry detergent (so I don’t have to wash twice)?

  15. Will this also keep the dye from coming off onto my hands when I am wearing my jeans?

    I just bought a new car & it has very light seats, so I’m worried about the dye in my jeans coming off onto them.

    • Oh, I’ve never had that happen before! I’m sure this would help. It will prevent any bleeding so it should mean on hands too. :)

  16. What’s the ratio of vinegar to water for fading dye prevention on jeans… I like the idea but am not sure of the proportions. First pair faded almost immediately… Want to do better this time. Can you please help?

    • Bummer about the ones that just faded! :( I’ve honestly never measured, I just dump a bunch in, maybe 2 cups??? I buy it in big jugs at Costco so I just dump a bunch and never measure.

  17. How much vinegar if you do 1 pair of jeans at a time?
    Thanks so much.

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Linda. I’m Anna’s assistant, Bethany. Anna usually doesn’t measure this out–she just fills the washer with water and dumps the vinegar in, but if she had to guess, it would be about 2 cups. You could add about 3/4 cup of vinegar if you’re just going to fill up the washer with enough water to cover the jeans (so a small load) and then wash as normal after soaking. Hope this helps!