Simple Solution to Cleaning Window Blinds

“What is the best way to clean blinds?”

In my opinion there are two situations for cleaning window blinds. There is the “once every couple of weeks wipe down” and then there’s the “once every 6-12 months major clean”. 

For the “once every couple of weeks wipe down” I’d recommend a lambs wool duster, like this one from Amazon. It’s fast, easy and very efficient and effective.


For the “once every 6-12 month major clean” I take them completely down, take them out to the driveway, patio or someplace else where there’s a hose nearby, lay them down flat and spray them down really well with the hose. For tougher, and really dirty blinds I spray a little Greenworks All Purpose Cleaner on them, scrub them down with a sponge or cleaning brush, and then spray them down with the hose. You will have to leave them out to dry for most of the day but they’ll be sparkly clean and look new again!

For a more thorough tutorial on how to clean the blinds see part 1 and part 2 at these other posts.

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  1. What about the faux wood blinds? I don't think that spraying them would be a good thing…

  2. For those of us who live in condos or apartments…I take mine down and let them soak in the bathtub, then clean them, (slat by slat-I had to do after 3 years of no cleaning!) and then hang them up to dry over the shower door or curtain rod.

  3. Yeah, what about faux wood? Is it okay to get that wet?

  4. If you're not comfortable with spraying down the faux wood blinds then I would just stick to the lambs wood duster but I've done it many times and never had a problem. Becky in our last place we had the same blind you guys have and I took them down, sprayed them with soap and water and they were fine.

  5. When I bought my house, the aluminum blinds had not been cleaned in many years. I used exterior vinyl/aluminum siding cleaner. The cleaner had a built-in sprayer which you attached to a hose. The nozzel concentrates the spray, so the blinds did not need any scrubbing

  6. what about vertical blinds like for over a patio door? (and i live in an apartment)

  7. Hey, still loving all your hints. Here is another one for those of us who can not take our blinds down… 1. buy the cheapest and most light weight vinyl table cloth you can find (usually at a dollar store by the paper plates). Using clothes pins or something like it, pin the vinyl to the BACK of your blinds, between the windows and the blinds. 2. Use something that will catch a moderate amount of water drippage. (I actually had two old window sill planters that fit my narrow blinds, but you can even lay a layer of folded towels on the sill or floor, as long as the plastic table cloth extends to underneath or inside whatever you are using to capture the liquid so it doesn't run onto your walls and carpet, etc.) Yes, I know – run on sentence!3. Place your blinds in their most up/down position, and squirt with your cleanser of choice. Wipe down with your rag, as you go pull up the blinds to wipe the last bit of the slat hiding behind the next slat. This should be fairly quick work.4. Follow #3 this time with the blinds in the opposite position. This time keep the hand you are using to separate the slats clean so you do not transfer dirty finger prints to the back of the slats. 5. Raise the blinds carefully to their full up high position while trying not to bump against the dirty and now wet plastic sheeting. Remove the sheeting by folding it into a "Z" pattern, clean up the planters, towels, or whatever, keeping any drips off your walls and carpets. Lower your blinds and open fully to let air dry.6. I can wipe down a set of blinds in about 15 minutes this way, and move right on to the next set using the same sheeting by unfolding the "Z" and using the dry side up against the window again… At some point, you will find you must either stop and clean your sheeting, or get new, because folding, unfolding, and moving it around only keeps the dry side dry for so long. But plastic tablecloths are usually only about $1 – $2 each, so buying extra isn't a hardship. And you can even throw them away if you are not being thrifty and trying to clean them for the next use. 7. Now to find a day with the energy to do it.

  8. I use Scrubbing Bubbles on my faux wood blinds and cover my hands with white socks.

  9. I, also, use Scrubbing Bubbles and it works great. I just let it soak a short time. Then, spray off with the garden hose. Let them hang outside until dry.

  10. Deborah Johnston says:

    My favorite for the plastic mini blinds… a HOT tub of water add in 1/2 cup or so of dishwashing powder….swish it around….add the blinds….let them soak.

    Sponge off…rinse….tip dry, and hang.
    I was going to throw mine away they were so bad! Now they look like new.
    (we’d been through construction).

  11. Gayla Zieser says:

    Awesome Ideas!

  12. How do you clean stained concrete without it getting dull? I have used vinegar on it and it takes the shine out.. doesn’t even really look like I mopped it.

    • I’ve always heard to use vinegar to clean concrete but it’s a bummer it makes it look dull. Do you have a steam mop? I have have a friend that uses a steam mop on hers and it looks great.