Cleaning Jacuzzi Tub Jets


“How do you clean around jacuzzi tub jets? I’ve tried Q-tips, but there is still a reddish line around them.”


There are two things that I would recommend.

1. Cleaning your jacuzzi tub regularly is important.  Because I like to use salts and fragrance when I take a bath I usually clean the bathtub every time I use it.  However I am not a regular bath taker so if you are–and you don’t use anything extra in the water–I would recommend cleaning the tub as often as you do your shower.

2. Soak the tub and run the jets.  How often you do this will depend on how often you use your tub.  If you only use it once a month for a nice soak then you only need to do this every few months.  However if you are a bath person and use it every day you should do this no less than once a month.

Here’s what you do:
Fill the tub up to right above the jets (maybe 1 1/2″ over) with lukewarm water and then dump in a small container of white vinegar.  If you aren’t opposed to using bleach, instead of vinegar, you could dump in a cup of bleach.

Next run the jets.  I usually let them run for a few minutes just to make sure the vinegar (or bleach) is stirred up well and to make sure that the water has had time to circulate through the jets.

Then let the tub soak.  I would let the water soak for 5-10 min and then drain it.  Clean the rest of your bathroom while the water is soaking and the vinegar (or bleach) is eating away at the grime.

After you have let the tub soak drain the water and clean it as you normally would with a sponge and Greenworks Natural Bathroom Cleaner.  The grime around the jets will wipe right off and your tub will be sparkly clean!

The good news is that this is a very rewarding cleaning tip because once your tub is clean then you can hop on in and take a nice relaxing bath!

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  1. I did it & it works! However, I did NOT clean the rest of the bathroom at the same time. I need more discipline! One step at a time, but I'm doing so much better than before. Thanks, Anna!

  2. I look forward to trying this. I won't even tell you what our jets look like. I have tried scrubbing them with an old dish brush with no luck.

  3. Thanks so much for the tips! I have used a baby bottle brush and it works well too, to get in those tiny crevices. I have also read that using 2-3 dishwasher tablets while running the jets works well. Thanks again:)Vising from Mad Skills

  4. Excellent tip, I will remember this in case I ever receive a 'Spa' bathtub :)! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Good to know! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  6. How much is a "small container"? I have a very large tub so I'm wondering about the ratio.

  7. My tub looks a little different than yours but probably the same parts to it….i unscrew the the rings around the jets, they have a spring..and spray w/ clorox clean up. Works great and you can wipe down all the ring that way too. Plus doing the steps you did so I don't have stale smelling water come out when we use the jets! 🙂

  8. My tub has these gray flake things that come out as soon as I turn the jets on. Seems like no matter what I do (including the steps above) I can't get rid of them! Do I need more vinegar? Any other ideas?

  9. We bought our dream home recently. It was an existing home. I’m beginning to wonder if the people EVER cleaned out the jetted tub. I’ve done this several times and gunk is still rearing it’s ugly head when I clean out the jets. I’m thoroughly disgusted and wondering if I’ll ever be brave enough to take a bath!

    • I’m sorry, that’s SO gross! If it’s that dirty I would fill the tub up and dump a few cups of bleach in the water, just to make sure it was totally sterilized.

      • I have worked a lot in the past with jetted bathtubs, and have also done plenty of research on sanitizing them. The problem with only using bleach, vinegar, or detergent is that they cannot penetrate what is called the biofilm, or “gunk.” These are the black and grey specks you will see floating around in your tub when the jets are on. To fully sanitize your tub you must use a specific cleaner that contains a biocide, this will actually penetrate, remove, and sanitize your entire tub.

  10. I have a hard mineral deposit or something around the outside of my jacuzzi jets. Any thoughts on how to get this off? Will the vinegar work?

  11. Jessica G says:

    Hi Anna, if I needed to use Bar Keepers’ Friend, how exactly would I use it? Just to scrub? Or in the water, with or without the bleach? And would Bon Ami be OK, or does BKF work better? Thanks!

    • I’ve never used Bon Ami but I would say BKF with a little water, then give it a good scrub. 🙂 I don’t think you’ll need to add bleach, it’s pretty good stuff!

  12. I just rented a home with a jetted tub, and we are on a well which means REALLY hard water. The previous tenants didn’t do a good job with cleaning, and there is a lot of hard water build up in the jets. Anyone have any suggestions? I would LOVE to find a CLR paste, to try before I clean the jets on the inside.

    Please help! I need options.

  13. Jessica says:


    is the only stuff that cleans the jetted tub pipes. I could not believe the filth this stuff was able to dislodge. I’d tried vinegar and I’d tried bleach ant various other cleansers. Nothing came close to working as well as Yuk!